Why TfL needs a second bailout and how it will affect you

Frequently asked questions about TfL

Q: Who’s in charge of Transport for London (TfL)?

A: The Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) is in charge of TfL. As Chairman, the Mayor makes decisions on budgets, fares, investment and the congestion charge. The government has no control over TfL budgets.

Q: Hasn’t TfL already had a bailout this year?

A: Yes. But now TfL needs a second bailout. While coronavirus caused a big drop in fares, it doesn’t explain the Mayor’s four years of wasteful spending.

Q: Is the government forcing the Mayor to raise fares and increase the congestion charge?

A: No. The Mayor needs to find savings, but he doesn’t need to raise charges or reduce services. Instead, the Mayor needs to cut waste at TfL. In June, Sadiq Khan admitted that it had been his idea to increase and extend the congestion charge.

Q: Why can’t the government pay for everything?

A: The government will cover the cost of Covid, but not the cost of mismanagement. It would be unfair to ask taxpayers to pay for wasteful spending — when the wasteful spending could just be cut.